Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thailand Guests

Anne, Sue and Wilawan

Wilawan and daughter Ann

Wilawan Asanachinta
2010 has been a very exciting and enjoyable year for Kelvin and myself, one of the highlights would have to have been the World Rowing Champs held at Lake Karapiro. Throughout the year we have enjoyed the company of guests from all over the world. December has been very busy with guests from New Zealand, Finland, France, England and Thailand. A week before Christmas we were honoured to have a very distinguished Lady visit with her daughter from Chiang Mai in Thailand,accompanied by their good friend Sue who lives and works in Auckland. Wilawan Asanachinta (I was given the honour to address her as Khun Yai(Grandma) really was an inspiration to me and a wonderful start to Christmas week.

Grandaughter Melanie- end of year Graduation.

Fish have a Christmas morning feed.

Fairy garden.

Bella has found a friend.

Seems Cleo has a friend.

Faries are known to leave lollies for children in the garden, Danielle is just checking.

Grandaughter Danielle

The dress was a real winner.

Waiting for Santa

Friday, November 19, 2010

View from the guest deck.

A view from the guest deck, across the green paddock. Silage ready to be picked up.